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Listen to the UK's newest national rock and pop radio station.

Discover the best new music, classic album tracks and best-in-class radio with our desktop and mobile pop-up radio player, on the move with TuneIn or across your home on Alexa, Google and friends....
Online (Computer/ Tablet & Mobile)
Listen at your PC, Mac or Tablet with our very own Awesome Radio Web Player. No Annoying interruptions, it's all about the music.
We'll soon be launching our very own IOS and Android app for mobile, watch this space.
On The Move (Car)
Our official in-car partner Tune-In offers Awesome Radio in High Definition for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Download the Tune-In App from your favourite app store now and search 'Awesome Radio'.
At Home (Smart Speakers)
Alexa 'Play Awesome Radio'.
Ask your smart home device to play Awesome Radio; we're available on Amazon, Google, Apple, Windows Home and Sonos.
Have any issues, let us know.
Listen through Third Party Partner Services
Awesome Radio is available across a number of third party streaming services and websites, listen to us on your favourite platform. Your favourite service not listed? Let us know and we'll work to get added.
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Welcome to Planet Awesome.

We're the risk takers, the purveyors of real music and the crazies shouting from the roof tops about the next big band.
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