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Music sounds better
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There's only one better thing than music, live music. 
Awesome Radio presents a weekend of live music, every weekend.
Live Fridays
Fridays, 7.00pm
There's nothing better than live music. It's raw energy and raw energy feeds the soul.
Every Friday we present a live concert or festival set that oozes of energy.
Live Concert
Music Performance Instruments
Awesome Radio Sessions
Sundays, 7.00pm
Every Sunday we invite some of the World's biggest names to unplug and perform raw and intimate sessions exclusively for Awesome Radio listeners.
Awesome Radio Most Wanted
Sundays, 8.00pm
Delving into the archives and speaking to the world's biggest acts on our Most Wanted programme live.
We'll be playing hand picked tracks alongside live performances, sessions, new music and interviews.
Turn Table
Music Band Performance
Awesome Radio Presents
Thursdays, 7.00pm
We're advocates of new music and passionate to introduce you to the next biggest artists.
Every Thursday we'll be introducing you to exciting new music.
It's all about the music
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