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The UK's national independent commercial broadcaster not limited by the word 'radio'.
Awesome Radio is the UK's newest online digital radio broadcaster and we're proud to be completely different - we're not limited with traditional radio constraints and look to forge meaningful commercial relationships that drive innovative content for our audience whilst providing substantially higher ROI.
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6 hours a week average listener per week
Over 180,000 hours spent listening.
46% of our audience are aged 25 - 34

Our audiences love experiences.

Awesome Radio is positioned as adult contemporary with a primarily ABC1 Female C2DE Male 25 - 45 audience across the UK with heat spots in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham.
Our listeners and users actively dine out, are up-to-date with the latest gadgets, socially connected and at their life-stage are now in a position with responsibilities - however they are passionate about experiences, if they have extra cash they'll treat themselves rather than save it for a rainy day.
They choose Awesome Radio to re-discover music they have forgotten as well as experience up and coming acts on the radar - they love their music and Awesome is their companion on the workday and commute.
Concert Crowd
38% of all radio listening isn't on an actual radio.


Traditional advertising doesn't work as well anymore in a generation of iTunes, Spotify and Amazon - we need to cut through the noise to deliver experiential brand connections with audiences.
We're seeking brands that are looking to innovate across our multi-platform offering.
There are currently opportunities available to sponsor specialist programming, co-branded promotional online and on the air or even commissioning of new content.


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It's all about the music
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